President’s report 4-21-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.

Friday’s meeting had a pretty good turnout, with 19 in attendance. For my report, I asked the members that have participated at events to write up an information sheet for us to have as a reference guide. The insight you can offer from a participant prospective is invaluable, not only for general information, but for avoiding pitfalls as well. This will give people an idea of the commitment so they know if it’s something they can volunteer for. If you are interested in seeing the sample report I did let me know, I am happy to forward it to you.

For the program, Lew did “What events you want the club to participate in this year”. The club had done this exercise in 2009 and 2015, and based on the results have implemented things like HF net in addition to our regular Sunday evening net, as well as special meetings/events etc. I am not sure if Lew with have the results tallied yet. It was really hard choosing which 5 events you’d like to see the club implement.

Dave KE0OG gave away a Baofeng UV-5RX3 triband radio. Lew K0LMF was the big winner, who gave it to Joel KE0RHY to give to Eli N0ELI.

Looking ahead our club breakfast will be May 4thin Olathe. I will not be able to attend as I have a prior commitment. Steve KI0KY will provide the specifics.

That’s all I have for now.  KK6RNV back to net.

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2019 Strategic Planning

Here are the results of our 2019 Strategic Planning:
Strategic Planning
April 19, 2019

7 Antenna Range Day
7 Digital/PSK/RTTY/Packet/MT63

6 Build Antennas
6 Fox Hunting
6 Emergency Preparation
6 Find and Cure RF Interference

5 Elmers
5 Have Outside Speakers/Presentations
5 10 Meter Local Communications
5 Lightning Protection

4 DMR/Dstar/Hot Spots/System Fusion
4 Repeater Site Tours

3 CW Skills
3 Re-emphasis VHF Net as a Training Net

2 Show and Tell Kit Building
2 Home Brew Equipment

1 Interact With GJT and Cortez Clubs
1 Digital Net
1 Linking Repeaters
1 6 Meters

0 Montrose Mid-week Breakfast
0 Considerate Operating Procedures
0 FT8
0 Stealth Antennas
0 New Ham Orientation
0 Operating Skills/DXing/Awards
0 Special Meetings/Special Nights
0 Coax Connectors
0 Kit Building and Youth
0 Involve New Hams in Presentations
0 Test Gear and Its Use



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Calendar Revision

Please make these revisions to your calendar:

CCARC meeting is May 4

Black Canyon Ascent is May 18

Colorado QSO Party is August 31-September 1 local dates

Lew, K0LMF

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March 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes  for Montrose Amateur Radio Club    March 15, 2019


Board Members Present;  Kathy Joslin, Pres.    Steve Schroeder, Vice Pres

John Renzelman, Treas.              Chris DePuy, Secretary


Kathy opened meeting at 7 p.m.  The club is wanting to share information on Sunday net and on club’s website.

VP Steve: The meeting snack list is being passed around, please sign.  We are wanting presentations starting in April.

Secretary Chris:  Last month minutes were shown, typo error mentioned.  Bill Bear moved to accept, Dick Schultz seconded, minutes approved.

Treasurer John:  Financial report shown, John explained line items.  Ken Herrick moved to accept, Don seconded, report approved.

Activites:  Lew not present, a 2019 activity schedule has been distributed to members.  Stan W0LQ has applied for Museum Ship Station call sign, we got it.

Delta Auxcomm:  Steve was out of town the weekend Paonia had water emergency, the Delta AuxComm members got the radio station set up and ready for service, thank you.  Future training will have Direction Finding.

VE Steve:  The next test date is May 11.

Ambassador Stan:  He sent 3 get well cards, 1 to Larry Braden, he is slowly getting stronger and doing well; 1 to Harvey Coonts family, Harvey former member had passed away; 1 to Bob Van Luchene who had donated some test equipment to club.  Stan called Loretta C to make more cards for us.

Scholarship Committee John:  The committee met recently, made a decision to give scholar funding to Paonia HS Science Olympiad $400, and $600 to Ridgway HS to select a lucky student for us.

Website  Dave C:  Kathy has been posting news postings for us to read.  If members subscribe on website they will get alerts on new postings.

2019 Budget John:  The proposed budget was shown, John reviewed line items.  After some adjustments, the 2019 budget was approved.

New Business – Activities:  Kathy mentioned the WWV 100 year anniversary, the Northern Colorado ARC is official club to organize special event station, website info.

Adjourn:  Dick moved to adjourn, Steve G seconded, meeting closed at 7:57 p.m.


Chris DePuy, Secretary

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Correction: Baofeng UV-5RX3 is FM only, not DMR

Sorry for the confusion.

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Giveaway of Baofeng UV-5RX3 Triband Radio Tonight at Club Meeting

Folks, I will be giving away a Baofeng UV-5RX3 triband radio this evening. The radio was sent to me for review and is a nice one, operating both FM and DMR on 2 meters, 1.25 meters (222 MHz, unusual!) and 70 cm. It comes with two antennas in the box, one dual band 2m/70cm, and another just for 1.25 meters, plus it comes with two (one short, one long) triband antennas.

It was sent to me for review. It’s a nice little radio but I have too many nice little radios, so this one goes to a lucky club member who is present at tonight’s club meeting in Olathe. We’ll give out tickets to those who want to participate in the drawing and the winner gets the ticket. The tickets will be drawn at the end of the presentation. You must be present to win.

It took two videos to review the radio. Here they are:

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President’s report 4-14-19

Hello to everyone on the net.

There’s really nothing new to report for the club this week. We do have a club meeting April 19th. Steve KI0KY stated  it will be held at the Olathe Community Center at 7 pm. Hoping you can attend and cast your votes for “What events you want the club to participate in this year”.

Chris WB0ITG will be providing snack not sure who will be doing the program.

Reminder for the board, we will have our conference call tomorrow at 7 pm.

That’s all I have for now.  KK6RNV back to net.

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President’s Report 4-7-19

Hello to everyone on the net.

We had a great turn out at breakfast Saturday. We had a total of 15 including Bill KC0QXX’s son Adam, who is a ham from WY and was here visiting.

We had some great discussions;

Gary KD0UPN got some pointer from our resident expert Royce AA0JD on where to put his antenna at the new house.

We also had some lively discussions regarding generators, batteries and advancements like LFP batteries.

Lew K0LMF confirmed he will put together “What do you think we should do?’  for our April meeting.  Be sure to come and cast your vote and let us know what events we should participate in as a club.

Looking ahead our meeting will be April 19th; Steve KI0KY didn’t check in this evening and would normally provides the specifics. It will be at the Olathe community center at 7 pm. Chris WB0ITG will be providing snack.

That’s all I have for now.  KK6RNV back to net.

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President’s report 3-31-19

Good evening to everyone on the net. This week has flown by. Please see below for important information regarding Lew KØLMF emails being sent and about WWV event.  I want to thank Dave Casler KE0OG for updating the site.

Other than that, I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the breakfast Saturday April 6th at C&J Café in Delta.

That’s all l I have for now KK6RNV back to net.

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Take Note: Lew French Email Compromise

Lew reports someone has taken control of his email lists and is sending out suspicious emails with Google-docs types of attachments. Please put these emails straight into your spam folder and don’t open them. If you have opened them and clicked through, run your anti-virus software to make sure your computer is clean.

Lew hopes to have everything back to normal soon. We all depend on Lew’s email updates for news about the club. He will let us know when it’s copasetic.

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