Feb 2018 Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes as approved at the March meeting:

MARC Meeting Minutes
Feb 15, 2019

Meeting called to order by President Ken at 7:00 pm
Ken asked for floor nominations for 2019 officers. No floor nominations.
Guests, Doug Spenser of Montrose was present.

VP Steve report; Steve mentioned the next club breakfast would be in Olathe.
Need someone for snacks in March
Dave Casler would provide the evening program.

Secretary minutes were displayed on the screen and distributed on the tables. Don and Dick moved to approve. The minutes were approved.

Treasurer John read the treasurer’s report for cash, checking and savings. Also a report on the where the money went in 2018. Report was approved

Activities Director Lew indicated a draft contact list was available to correct. Lew indicated he got the applications for Museum Ships and Field Day activities from the city of Montrose.
Lew covered the 2019 activities calendar that has a conflict with the meeting day and Hard Rock. The July meeting will be moved forward one week to accommodate.
Lew asked Stan to get the call sign “NØP” for the special event.

Trailer committee commented the both trailers had been used this year and some learning on the travel trailer was had.

VE testing on Feb 16th and May 11th.

Stan Clark is the Ambassador Designee. Short discussion concerning W7LEV health conditions.

AUXCOMM; there will be a class Mar 1st. Two club members taking part.

Short discussion concerning field day computers and batteries.

Nominating committee; Pres. Kathy, VP Steve, Sec Chris, Tre. Lew
Dick moved to accept the nominations. Approved.
Meeting adjourned.

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President’s report 3-17-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.  Friday was our club meeting. We had 23 people in attendance. I’d like to thank everyone who showed up and participated.  As I mentioned my primary focuses for this year will be Information, participation and communication.

That said I’d like to thank the executive board who have been great supporting me in my new role as president. They are doing a fantastic job to make me look good.

I’d also like to thank Dave Casler KE0OG for his assistance with the website challenges. He’s been terrific dealing with the hosting company so I can continue to post and update items to accomplish my goal of communicating better and enlisting more participation.

Speaking of participation, unlike the government we were able to pass our club budget for 2019. Thank you all for your insight and input.

We had two visitors Issac KG5LKT and Eli N0ELI formerly KE0UQR. Also correction Eli was 11 when he got his tech license. Next week is his birthday so we sang happy birthday and Gary KD0UPN gave him a radio.

We had reports from all the officers and committees and now that Feb minutes have been approved I will upload them to the website.   That’s all I have for now KK6RNV back to net.

Additional notes: During the meeting I mentioned I would include link for http://wwv100.com/

Also here’s a link to Epic Ride if interested https://epicrides.com/events/grand-junction-off-road/event-guide/rider-support/

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President report 3-10-19

Good evening to everyone on the net. This week our board has crossed more items off our “To Do” list. One of the things we are trying to do is communicate more effectively. Since some members do not or are not able to participate in the Sunday evening net, we are trying to use the website for additional communication and I thought it would be good to post weekly reports to have as a reference.

I want to Thank Dave Casler KE0OG who has provided access for the board members to make changes and corrections to the website.

Also I’d like t to thank Lew K0LMF who updated our calendar and included a point of contact for each activity or event, which has been posted to the website. This way if you would like to participate or would like additional information about a particular event you have a point person to reach out to.

Next I am hoping to update the current minutes and agendas, so keep checking back.

Looking forward, this Friday will our monthly meeting at Olathe community center. This month we will be discussing and approving the budget.  If you have items you’d like to have considered we will ask for motion to award from the floor. I am not sure who has snack or who will be doing the program, hopefully Steve KI0KY will let us know.

Prior to the meeting, some members have dinner at the Mexican restaurant. Lew K0LMF will send out more information so if you haven’t updated your email address please do so. Also I want to remind everyone to get your dues turned in to John KB0RUD.

Lastly I would like to recognize our youngest participant KE0UQR – Eli. I believe I heard he is 10 years old. Eli, you can correct me if I am wrong, but just wanted to say congratulations on getting your tech license. Good job!

Reminder tomorrow the board will have conference call.

That’s about all I have for now. KK6RVN back to net.

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Minutes January 2019

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President’s report 3-3-19

Hello to everyone on the net. This has been a busy week. Wednesday due to the water crisis in Paonia the EOC was activated in Delta. I’d like to thank Stan AD0ST and Jerome K0JJJ, who along with myself were able to assist in setting it up. After we left, Steve KI 0KY took over as Auxcom rep.

Saturday was our club breakfast. We had a total of 12 people at Busy Corner Café in Olathe. Thank you Lew K0LMF for sending out email reminders. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Please sign up for email notifications as we’d love to have you join us. Lew maintains that list.

We had some good conversations. Bill KC0QXX gave us firsthand account of Paonia situation. A gentleman, (I don’t know his name) gave us an update for Larry W7LEV.

The board and I are crossing action items off our “To Do List”. We also want to encourage everyone to get their dues into John KB0RUD.

Looking ahead we have a club meeting on the 15th at Olathe Community Center.  I don’t know who has snack or who is presenting the program since Steve KI0KY is in Grand Junction at Auxcom training this weekend. That’s all I have for now KK6RNV back to net.

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Club Members Participate in Winter Field Day

Lew French led the Winter Field Day effort. Here is his report submitted to Greg Fisher of Montrose County:

On January 26 and 27, 2018 Montrose County RACES (RACES) participated in Winter Field Day (WFD), www.winterfieldday.com., as an exercise to practice set up and operation in winter conditions. Members of the Montrose Amateur Radio Club (MARC), Delta County Auxcom, and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) participated. A total of 19 hams participated. Set up started at 0900 Saturday. Tear down was completed by 1400 Sunday.

Approximately 350 radio contacts were made using a mixture of CW (Morse Code) and phone (single sideband voice). Contacts as far away as Puerto Rico and Hawaii were made. Operations were conducted on the 20, 40, 80, and 160 meter bands.

The station was housed is the MARC travel trailer parked on the Montrose EOC parking lot. The MARC antenna trailer was use as the center support for a clip lead, multi-band dipole, 132 feet in length. Approximately 30 radials 66 feet in length were extended into the arroyo near the EOC.

Heat in the travel trailer was provided by a small portable electric heater running on AC mains power from the EOC. Generator, battery, and solar power were used for the radio transceiver.

The EOC was used for food preparation and as a gathering place for participants.
Participants appreciated the ability to warm up and relax in the EOC.
Due to band conditions we did not operate between 0000 and 0600 on Sunday. One participant spent the night at the EOC.

Results including our final score for the event will not be known for several months. As a training exercise it was successful. While this was our first year of participation in WFD we anticipate doing it again.

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Club Members Support Silverton Ultra Marathon

Chris Depuy, KBØITG, Don, KEØNUA, Lew, KØLMF, and Royce, AAØJD, supported the 2018 Silverton Ultra Marathon. Don worked the Aid 1 station at Molas Pass as seen here.

Lew and Royce worked the Aid 5 station at Bandera Mine. Chris, who worked the entire communications effort is shown along with Royce and Lew in the photograph below.

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Hard Rock 100 Photo Ouray Aid Station

Sent by John Renzelman:

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Club Member Jim Adams takes Selfie with Fox-1D Satellite

Club member Jim Adams, AAØCW, had his picture snapped from space. He was operating the Fox-1D “cubesat” satellite. You can see him as a faint red patch just above the lens flare.

Jim writes that AO-92 or Fox-1D is a radio amateur and technology research cubesat developed by AMSAT and hosting several university developed payloads. Launched December 2018.

Fox-1D is an 1U CubeSat designed to operate in Low Earth Orbit based on the design of Fox 1A. It carries a 2 meter whip antenna and a 70 cm whip antenna.

As affordable launch opportunities for amateur communications satellites become more rare, AMSAT devised a new strategy: a small cubesat, which hosts both an amateur communications payload as well as a scientific or technological payload, so that the satellite qualifies for launches in sponsored programs like NASA’s Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) Program.

Fox-1D carries a high energy radiation instrument HERCI (High Energy Radiation CubeSat Instrument) developed by the University of Iowa Department of Physics and Astronomy, a Virginia Tech camera experiment, and a Pennsylvania State-Erie MEMS gyro experiment.

Fox-1D also serves as a communications relay for amateurs worldwide via the onboard FM repeater system. The communications and experiment missions will run concurrently. The repeater features a VHF downlink with FM analog voice and FSK data and UHF and L-band uplink.

Uses a small camera developed by the University of Virginia Tech that can at times be programmed with an uplink tone to take photos while in orbit which it did while coming over my house. Images are received as tone bursts and can be decoded using computer software.

Uplink to the satellite is 435.350 and downlink is 145.880. Anyone with an ht and whip antenna can both talk and received on this satellite.

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2018 Field Day Photos by Dick Schultz

Field day photos submitted by Dick Schultz:

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