Colorado QSO info

Colo QSOy map

To Flowing Park Reservoir Trailhead – From Delta City

Follow CO-92 E to CO-65 S

Turn left onto CO-65 S

41 min (31.4 mi)

Take A S-52 4/10 Rd to Forest Rd 109

40 min (6.9 mi)

Turn left onto Forest Rd 109

3.5 mi

Flowing Park Reservior Trailhead

Forest Rd 109, Eckert, CO 81418


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Help support the WWV Centennial Celebration!

Hello Colorado Amateur Radio Clubs!

If you would, please pass this information on to your club members.

Over the weekend of August 24 and 25, special event amateur station WW0WWV plans a trial run and equipment tests for the planned 5-day operation commemorating the 100th anniversary of WWV on October 1, 2019.  We’ll be on the air a limited amount but hope to have a few early QSOs before the main event at the end of September.

We are at a critical time in our preparation and you and your club members can help.  Visit our website,, and consider a tax-deductible donation to help with the expenses of putting on an operation of this scale.

The WWV Centennial Committee is thrilled to have operators from Colorado clubs and across the nation coming to Northern Colorado this fall to help celebrate this milestone in radio history.  The project is a collaboration between WWVARC, NCARC, RMHAM, FCCW, and many others.


NIST, US Dept. of Commerce, operators of WWV, have changed their original plans for October 1, and the official ceremony will now be limited to 100 invited guests only.  NIST had originally posted an open house for October 1, but have reconsidered.  This will NOT impact the operations of WW0WWV, and this makes our operations more of the main public face of the centennial celebration.  Our committee hopes NIST will make a formal announcement about their plans soon.

We appreciate the number of operators who have committed their time to come to Fort Collins and operate for the September 28 – October 2 event.  If you can’t join us, please consider supporting the project with a donation:

Be sure to visit September 28 – October 1 for our current operating frequencies.

Have a great weekend and 73,

Dave, W0DAS

WWV Centennial Committee

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President’s report 8-18-19

Good evening! Hope everyone is well.

Friday was the club picnic and informal meeting. We had 18 in attendance including a couple XYL’s, Gary KE0RHZ’s Sharon and Dick KD0ESZ’s Carole.

We also had a guest, Greg Roeder who is interested in getting his license.

Even though it was an informal meeting we did conduct some business.

Colorado QSO Aug 31st I will post location/directions on the website once I confirm them and encourage everyone to stop by and check it out.

We also signed people up for the various stations for Imogene, which will be Sept 7th.

Since Imogene falls on our breakfast it has been cancelled.

That’s about all.

KK6RNV back to net.

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President’s report 8-11-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.

Yesterday was the Hamfest and Swap Meet in Grand Junction. I heard there was a pretty good turnout, however I didn’t personally go, instead Stan W0LQ went without me. He mentioned a hot topic of conversation was our new DMR repeater in Montrose, the information on our website.

This Friday is our club picnic/informal meeting, I believe last Sunday it was decided we’d be meeting about 5:45 to set up tables and eat about 6pm. Hoping you will be able to make it and get a chance to visit with our fellow club members.

Since it’s not an official meeting, I guess we won’t have a conference call tomorrow evening.

That’s about all.

KK6RNV back to net.

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New DMR repeater

Hi Lew,

I wanted to spread the word. I put up a DMR repeater on log hill, on the top of my house. Wondered if you can let the MARC know about this? Or who should I contact for that? The repeater is on 447.800, negative offset, CC 1. Currently static talkgroups are TG91 (world wide) on timeslot 1, and TG31086 (Western Colorado, which I believe is also statically linked by Bill W0BX, in his repeater in Grand Junction) on timeslot 2. The repeater will also happily repeat analog FM signals, but that is not its main purpose. Feel free to experiment and key up some talkgroups if you’re into DMR at least. My informal testing showed I can hit it with my handheld from Ouray and at least parts of Montrose, as well as from the top of Imogene pass.


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President’s report 7/28/19

No report, however I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the Grand Mesa race as well as Rally Colorado in Rangely. Sounds like you all had some crazy happenings over the weekend.

Hope to see you at C&J’s cafe Saturday 8 am for breakfast and more stories.



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President’s report 7-21-19

Since I didn’t make it to the meeting I don’t have anything to report this week.
Up coming events – Grand Mesa and Silverton races.

Western Colorado Amateur Radio Club Hamfest and Swap Meet


Location: First Christian Church
1326 North 1st Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Sponsor: Western Colorado Amateur Radio Club
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Talk-In: 146.94 (PL 107.2)
Contact: Chip Ferron , NØWKR
559 Grand Valley Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81504
Phone: 970-261-2508

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Upcoming Weather Spotter Training

Here is the announcement from the Weather Service of upcoming spotter training:

—–Original Message—–
From: wxgjt
To: foresterfrench
Sent: Tue, Jul 16, 2019 9:34 am
Subject: Upcoming Spotter Training Classes for August and September

Good morning,

We are pleased to announce that we have some spotter training classes coming up in August and September. The list of classes is below and the amount is a bit less than previous years. This is due to our office being short staffed with limited travel. Therefore, we are announcing all of the class locations in case you were able to travel for them. No RSVP is required, just show up! And these classes as always are free!

The only class that needs an RSVP is Grand Junction as space is limited. So, please contact Matthew Aleksa at or call 970-243-7007 to reserve your spot for Grand Junction.

August 3rd: Montrose, CO
When: 9 am till 11 am
Where: Montrose County Fairgrounds/Pioneer Room
1001 N. 2nd Street

August 10th: Grand Junction, CO
When: 12 pm till 2 pm
Where: National Weather Service
2844 Aviators Way

August 24th: Glenwood Springs, CO
When: 12 pm till 2 pm
Where: Glenwood Springs Branch Library
Community Room on the first/ground floor
815 Cooper Avenue

September 14th: Gunnison, CO
When: 12 pm till 2 pm
Where: Gunnison County Emergency Operations Center
510 W. Bidwell Avenue

We are currently working on getting a spotter training class for Moab and Telluride as well with a date TBD. So, please keep checking our calendar here:

Thanks and hope to see you there!

National Weather Service
Grand Junction, CO

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President’s report 7-14-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.

Not much to report, I will not be at the club meeting next week since we will be camping. Steve Schroder KI0KY will be covering.

I did stop by on Saturday at the EOC to see the progress on the radio installs and to drop off some brackets for that task. Bill KC0QXX, Steve KI0KY and Stan AD0ST were making good progress.

Also I spoke with Chris KE0SED who provided his call sign for a previous president’s report.

Please come out to the meeting Friday and help with Grand Mesa and Silverton races if you can.

Great big THANK YOU to KE0OG for submitting our stats for Field Day!

KK6RNV back to net.

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MARC Field Day Results

Here’s the submission I made on behalf of the club.

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